Solving Security


Gateway (Next Gen Firewalls and UTMs)

E-mail Security

Why it’s needed:
Stop and block e-mails with malicious content, links to malware filled websites and requests for personal or sensitive data.

Web Security

Why it’s needed:
Block known malicious websites that aren’t needed for your organization to conduct business and scanning of malicious downloads.

Web Application Firewall

Why it’s needed:
Protect Web apps against cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, Local File Inclusion and Remote File Inclusion Attacks.

Point to Point and Client Access VPN

Why it’s needed:
Allow users to access network resources across the WAN.
Allow users to access the network from external locations.



Why it’s needed:
Control Wireless Access Points from the Gateway. Provide Mesh networking, and Network security to all users connected wirelessly.

Application Control

Why it’s needed:
Prioritize or Block applications based on the traffic that flows through the firewall. This can include Bandwidth guarantee, or bandwidth control and limiting how websites such as Facebook and YouTube can operate inside your network.


Why it’s needed:
IPS and IDS systems look for intrusions and symptoms within traffic. IPS/IDS systems would monitor for unusual behavior, abnormal traffic, malicious coding and anything that would look like an intrusion by a hacker being attempted.

APT (Advanced Persistent Threats)

Why it’s needed:
APTs are prolonged and stealthy attacks that begin with infiltration and move to network monitoring and data exfiltration, you can break the chain by blocking communication.

Geo-location Blocking

Why it’s needed:
Block countries where you don’t want any communication from, IE: China, Pakistan, Congo, etc.


Why it’s needed:
Detonate Suspicious files and links in a quarantined area to see what they will really do when opened or executed.