Solving Security


E-Mail Security

E-mail Encryption

Why it’s needed:
Encrypt e-mails that contain sensitive data so that it can be read even if intercepted.

Inbound E-mail filtering

Why it’s needed:
Filter out obvious unwanted mail such as phony job offers, fake inheritances, and cheap watches.

Outbound E-mail filtering

Why it’s needed:
Don’t be the spammer, stop internally compromised machines from sending out spam from your IP address causing you to be blacklisted.

Anti-virus scanning

Why it’s needed:
Scan e-mails for attached threats.

Directory Harvesting Protection

Why it’s needed:
Prevent hackers from downloading legitimate e-mail addresses from your e-mail server.


Why it’s needed:
Detonate suspicious files to see if they are malicious or benign.

E-mail Spooling

Why it’s needed:
Keeps your e-mail cued up while your mail server is down, once it’s back up, the e-mails will be released to the mail server.


Why it’s needed:
E-mails attempting to trick an end user into downloading malicious software, entering sensitive data or passwords into a rogue site, or inviting ransomware into the network.

Business E-mail Compromise Protection

Why it’s needed:
Block e-mails that are attempting to impersonate other members of the organization, typically people with the authority to authorize large payments or transactions.