Not that long ago I identified that our Primary DC was not replicating to the secondary DC. After some investigation, I figured out that the secondary was handling all of the Domain Traffic and the GPO. The primary was handling only DNS and DHCP. I’m not an expert on AD, DC’s or GPO’s, so I went to work using my resources to identify and solve the issues. 

After looking at Experts Exchange, TechNet and a whole host of YouTube and other miscellaneous websites, I ran multitude of tasks. DCDiags, and Repadmin helped to identify and fix some minor errors but did not solve my DC replication issues. I also got my favorite result of everything checking out ok, but still not working. I probably spent about 15 hours and still hadn’t resolved the issue. 

Finally, we realized that we shouldn’t spend another second on this and called in the experts. We engaged the folks that we used back when we hosted our own exchange server. It started with a 15 minute scoping call that turned into a 2-hour service delivery that got our issues completely resolved. 

Had we spent a little less time learning what security issues our consultant had run in to recently, and more time working on AD replication, it probably wouldn’t have taken that long. But what can I say, we love talking about security. 


The moral of the story, before you spend a multitude of hours trying to solve your own security problems, don’t hesitate to engage us. Pick up the phone and give us a call. It could be the smartest time you spend all week!