The best answer is probably that a different worry is available for every night of the week. Maybe for every night of the month. 

It’s hard to be strategic when every day’s plan is overtaken with all those user emergencies, meetings and the next new project that needs IT support. 

It seems like there is never enough time for basic, proactive network health checks. And while these are not complicated or even necessarily time consuming, they are instrumental in preventing outages or, worse, security breaches. It’s just tough to make them a priority compared to all the other demands in a day.

When some of these basics aren’t checked and issues slip into the network, anything … maybe everything … can be affected. When small issues go undetected for a while, bigger issues grow. When the C drive fills on a server, or when you need a SQL backup that isn’t there because the backup partition filled, or when more than one hard drive in an array fails a problem that could have been a quick fix a few weeks ago is suddenly a full-blown crisis.

The bottom-line is that there are many things that keep IT Managers awake. Consider getting a Third-Party Network Assessment as a sleep aid. It’ll help you uncover weaknesses and improve your overall security posture. Better yet, IT may finally get a good night sleep.