If you’ve attended one of our webinars before–perhaps the one entitled Ransomware: The Most Dangerous Threat Facing IT Today–then you’re well-aware that ransomware has become the most prominent form of cyberattack out there. And the different types of ransomware and number of attacks being carried out are increasing every day.

It can sound rather intimidating, especially when cable news gets their hands on a story like this. But as we’ve been saying for some time, you can stay ahead of the storm by keeping on top of your security patch updates. Additionally, educate your end users on how to stay safe and avoid that temptation to download an attachment from an untrusted source; performing a phishing test is one effective way to train your end users to spot potential attacks. Lastly, consider having a security health assessment performed, which will highlight any weaknesses that you may be missing.

Below we’ve created an infographic that breaks down why ransomware is so popular, shows how it effects your bottom line, and provides advice on the steps to take in order to stave off a possible future attack.


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