Last week I was talking to Kirk Hoaglund of Clientek ( about web app development and security. Kirk’s firm helps companies bridge the gap between legacy on premier apps and the cloud. I wanted to know what tools folks were using to secure their development efforts. He told me to check out XebiaLabs periodic table of development tools

I must admit, I was blown away at how many companies were in this space, and that I only recognized a handful. As some of you may know I come from a time in tech when folks in the tech business knew most of the players. That is not the case anymore.

The crowded and complex vendor landscape is even worse when you start looking at the infrastructure security space. It’s no wonder that customers have a hard time determining which solution set to work with.

We advise our customers to check out several vendors in a space and compare how they can improve their overall security posture in a cost-effective way. We ask that they realize that some data is worth more than other data. We also ask that they understand how secure they need to be. Some environments need to be more secure, which in general, usually costs a bit more to accomplish.