If you are like our organization, you have already moved to Office365 or have a project in the works. If you are like me, once you made the move and got everything confirmed working, you moved on to the next big fire that needed attention.

That being said, what we found, and what many of our customers have identified is that we missed making sure that we were maximizing our protection. We focused on the license level and app access our users needed. We never really figured out if our level of O365 provided us all the protection that we needed.  For example, being able to recover a file from OneDrive is great, until it’s not.  What about archiving and Anti-Spam?  There are features built in, but does it meet your needs?  It didn’t meet ours.

Sometimes the included features give us a false sense of security allowing us to put a full investigation on the “Wait-a-Minute Program”. We are certain that we have more time for thorough investigation in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, that time usually never arrives.