The topic of the day in security as of late has been Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).  The buzz has created a lot of conversations with our clients about Threat Hunting, Threat Remediation and Indicators of Compromise.  The challenge for many of our clients is that while they completely understand the need for such tools, they don’t necessarily have the manpower or know how to use some of these advanced tools.

So now what?  I can’t be secure?

Enter Co-Managed SOC.

This will provide the type of visibility, alerts and response that traditionally is only achievable by larger organizations with an Information Security Team.

If you have compliance requirements and are trying to figure out where to get started, Co-Managed SOC is definitely something to consider.  It’s not only going to improve security but provide you with the ability to provide the necessary reporting to satisfy management and auditors.

Its also provides security expertise that can be available 24×7.  So, issues can be dealt with while you are busy elsewhere or have already left for the day.  Not to mention, it removes the burden of finding Security Professionals, who are in high demand.

If you’re thinking about SIEM, Vulnerability Management and EDR, Co-Managed SOC may not only meet your product need, but also provide that skilled expertise to take advantage of these tools.