There is a lot of talk and news about file-less malware.  We are encouraging our clients to learn and try new advanced protection products.  But make no mistake, Antivirus is not going away because viruses are not going away.

Low level hackers and individual hackers will continue to make these kinds of attacks. At the very least because it’s what their skill level allows, but it’s also because there are millions of home users and small companies who don’t give a single thought to security.  Compromise enough of these targets and you can find a treasure trove of Logins and passwords, VPN access to other, more valuable networks or the ability to create a decent bot Army to conduct DDOS attacks.

So, viruses, worms and Trojans are not going away.  Some of them will continue to be basic while others evolve, but the baseline protections such as Anti-virus are still needed and still valuable.