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The Pros and Cons of Generated Passwords

There are many websites online today that promise to create randomly generated passwords for you. These password generators, also known as linear congruential generators, use algorithms to create a random string of letters, numbers and special characters. While...

How to Stop Hacks Caused by Intel Chip Flaws

Recently, it’s come out that there is a flaw in Intel chips that has left millions of computers vulnerable. This flaw allows attackers to steal any data that the Intel processor has recently accessed. The attack, dubbed ZombieLoad, was discovered by Graz University of...

How IoT Impacts B2B

The Internet of Things (IoT) has reached consumers in many ways. There are “smart” thermostats, refrigerators, lights, and home security systems that leverage the connection of the internet. For businesses, the IoT has also entered their networks in several ways. In...

How Old Threats Can Cause Big New Problems

Windows released XP in 2001, and in 2009 they ended support for it. However, in 2019, they released updated patches for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Why? Because they identified a vulnerability in the unsupported operating systems that hackers could exploit....

Office 365 Security, Backup, and Archiving

E-mail Security and Office 365 Okay, so you’ve moved to Office365, but did you bring your security with you?  Many organizations are under the impression that because Microsoft can stop a few e-mails and tag them as Spam or malicious that it includes e-mail security. ...

Everything You Need to Know about Emotet

Emotet may sound like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, but it’s actually something much more current. It’s a banking Trojan that has been wreaking havoc and stealing banking information from individuals and businesses since 2014.

Island Hopping: The New Hacker Destination

When you think of island hopping, you may think of a Caribbean vacation, but when it comes to the security of your network, “island hopping” is far less relaxing. Island hopping is the new trend in cyber-attacks where attackers gain access to not just your network, but also your entire supply chain.