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My Advice on Dumping AV: Don’t do it

There is a lot of talk and news about file-less malware.  We are encouraging our clients to learn and try new advanced protection products.  But make no mistake, Antivirus is not going away because viruses are not going away.

Where Did My Malware Get Filed?

File-less malware is becoming more and more of a problem.  Why? Because it’s working.  Traditional Security solutions provide a great deal of protections for current environments.  However, they also create a framework for how to propagate an attack.

Is My Toaster Watching Me?

With all the electronic devices in my house I sometimes wonder, has someone figured out how to listen in on what’s happening at our house? After all, if you hacked our Echo or doggie camera, you certainly could. 

Software We Love: CCleaner Cloud

If we’ve learned anything in Productive Corporation’s seventeen years as a company, it’s that we not all products are made equal. While we try to provide mid-size business with a range of products so they can choose what is right for them we’d be lying if we said we didn’t pick favorites that we then highlight in our bi-weekly live webinar series.

5 Tips For Improving Active Directory Security

Since debuting in 1999, Active Directory has been the go-to directory service for many mid-sized and enterprise companies. And though it has its issues, many of the companies that we see running Active Directory haven’t had it serviced in ages nor had old users, old policies, and old groups reviewed and culled.