Well… the sky isn’t falling, or if it is, it has been falling at the same consistent rate for a long time. That’s the way a business line manager hears it when it comes to IT security. Business leaders know that they need security but aren’t sure if Next Gen Endpoint protects better than basic AV. They are not quite sure how different types of Firewalls or UTM’s could give you more protection.

Business people like to have quantifiable answers and results. Risk needs to be viewed on a scale, not as a binary equation. In most cases, business leaders are told what features the need to protect them, not how much it will cost to reduce the risk of a breach to near zero. Stated another way, how much it will cost to make their company a less desirable target.

Maintaining and Improving your companies Security Posture is not inexpensive. It is costly in terms of products as well as the time spent implementing and maintaining programs. However, breaches may cost even more money.

Infected computers cause down time, lost intellectual property has a cost, and notifying customers has a direct cost as well as an indirect cost to your brand. Talk to business leaders about potential costs when comparing the upfront cost of adding security to your environment. My guess is that more often than not, it will make your proposed solution seem much more cost effective.