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Everything You Need to Know about Emotet

Emotet may sound like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, but it’s actually something much more current. It’s a banking Trojan that has been wreaking havoc and stealing banking information from individuals and businesses since 2014.

Island Hopping: The New Hacker Destination

When you think of island hopping, you may think of a Caribbean vacation, but when it comes to the security of your network, “island hopping” is far less relaxing. Island hopping is the new trend in cyber-attacks where attackers gain access to not just your network, but also your entire supply chain.

Co-Managed SOC

The topic of the day in security as of late has been Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). The buzz has created a lot of conversations with our clients about Threat Hunting, Threat Remediation and Indicators of Compromise.

Let’s Go Island Hopping

I recently read Carbon Blacks “Global Incident Response Threat Report” regarding the topic of Island Hopping. If you are not familiar with the term, it’s the act of a hacker gaining access to a network and then infiltrating the supply chain to gain access to clients...